Monday, December 17, 2012

A Kenyan Wedding to be Remembered

 So I went to my first Kenyan wedding this last Saturday. It was petty western, but still a lot of traditional dancing and singing. I got my hair done the day before in braids for it. See picture to the right. It hurt so bad because she pulled my hair a lot. I don't think I'll do it again, but it was fun to get it done at least once. It took 3 hours to put in and is now taking even longer to come out ha!

The wedding was at a church and was really beautiful. The day of, I woke up early to help the bride, my friend Agnes, get ready. I did her make-up and then all the bridesmaids nails. Everyone loved the nails so much and little kids and other villagers wanted theirs done too so I obliged and treated everyone to a personal manicure. I even did some pretty gross African farm toes...

 I had the best time with my family and all the guests. Now that I've been living in Singorwet for over a year, I really know most of the community so it was fun dancing and hanging out with them. My family is the best! They make me feel like one of them so much and call me their sister. Agnes even let me be a part of the wedding and help with the unity candle. I feel really blessed to live with such an amazing family because I know a lot of Peace Corps Volunteers who do not like their living situation. Plus I feel safe and comfortable with them. My mama knows how to give me my privacy, but they always keep me included. Plus most of my mama's children are around my age so we relate really well.
Overall, the ceremony was really beautiful. I had an amazing time and it wasn't that different from an American wedding, minus there was no booze ha! I'm glad I got to be a part of it and share Aggies special day.

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