Thursday, December 20, 2012

Maisha ni Poa (Life is Cool)

This post is not intended to brag, it is simply to say how thankful I am to God for all the amazing things that keep happening to me lately. I feel like God is on my side and just keeps doing miraculous things. It’s so nice when you finally see the fruits of your hard work.

First, I was accepted into my dream law school as an Early Decision Applicant. That means that I am bound to go there next year. So here’s the news if you haven’t heard already, I’ll be going to American University Washington College of Law next year! I have to thank Paul Bigley for the wonderful recommendation he wrote not only the first time I applied, but again. When I was in high school I didn’t really get into any schools after applying. It was disappointing because I went to a high school where everyone goes on to all these amazing schools. I decided to go to Santa Barbara City College. Looking back, it’s the best thing I did because I ended up transferring to UCSB and getting my degree from there. Then when applying to law school a few years ago, I did not apply many places because I didn’t think I could get in. In fact, I only got into a few schools, none of them my top choices. So it’s been such a surprise this time being accepted to so many schools. Even though I already know I’m going to American, I’ve already been accepted to Hofstra, Rutgers, University of District Colombia, New York Law School  and Golden Gate. Very flattering and such a change from what I am use to.

The next miracle that has happened is that my community was awarded the Charlotte Daniel Champion of Change Award by World Connect. Our original project was to get maternity ward equipment so we could have a working maternal health facility for the people in the village. Right now most women have their babies at home, which leaves them vulnerable to pre and post birth aftercare problems. My community told me this was something they needed so Adam helped me draw up a budget and I submitted the project to the Peace Corps Partnership Program. I had heard of World Connect and that they funded projects having to do with mother and children so I decided to apply. Our original project was funded in full by World Connect shortly thereafter for $2000. About a month later, World Connect contacted me and said that our project was being nominated for this extra award and if we wanted to apply, we had to have a new project proposal done in 2 weeks! With the help of my supervisor and the head nurse, we whipped up a budget and decided we would expand the dispensary to have an actual maternal wing, as well as fix the water catchment system. Our dreams have come true and World Connect is funding us another $5000 to complete construction! It’s so exciting to see my dispensary growing. Not only do I know that the community is getting a lasting impact out of this, but so am I! I’ve really learned a lot about project management and budgeting.

Anyway, someone has really been looking out for me lately J I leave in 10 days for holiday vacation and am excited to get some time off and to see Adam. I’m missing home for the holidays and thinking of you all! Much love!

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